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Empowering Wealth Creators for a Luxury Lifestyle.

Who We Are

Hub Academy is a unique knowledge to wealth platform designed to help individuals and families across Africa achieve their financial security dreams. We provide our Vision Partners with basic and premium training in key Wealth Pillars, including mindset, leadership, technology, cash-flow and financial management, networking, strategic planning and execution, and real estate. 

At Hub Academy, we are dedicated to equipping our Vision Partners with the training they need to become Master Wealth Creators in their careers and businesses. Hub Academy is built on a foundation of 7 key Wealth Pillars and is guided by our vision to create affordable access to a luxury lifestyle and help individuals and families across Africa achieve their financial security dreams. 

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Our Mission

Our mission is that we are passionately committed to saving the lives of men, women and children across our dear continent of Africa by providing them with high-level superior, constructive and results-oriented knowledge that will help grant that easy access to luxury lifestyle (Know-Become – Do)

Our Vision

To create easy access to a luxury lifestyle and help individuals and families across Africa to achieve their financial security dreams.

Our 7 key Wealth Pillars (WPs)

Cash-flow and Financial Management

This is a critical Wealth Pillar at the Hub Academy. Our registered Vision Partners will discover the different generations of income, from Salaries to Commissions, etc., and how to deploy them in a financially intelligent manner. Our great courses teach our Vision Partners how to "read numbers" and analyze Cashflow Projections, Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss, and other financial instruments. Our Vision Partners will also discover smarter techniques for Personal Financial Management and how to keep their business books which allows them to meet up with Corporate Governance and Taxation Requirements. Furthermore, we have courses on 'Developing Multiple Streams of Income' and 'how to identify great and sustainable investment opportunities'. So much more Financial Intelligence Courses will be discovered on our e-learning Site exclusively for registered Vision Partners.


Everything rises and falls on leadership. At the Hub Academy, we teach “Influence Based” Leadership skills specially structured to help our Vision Partners lead better from self-leadership to team leadership; and from corporate leadership to industry leadership.


Our eLearning Platform has a series of “Mindset Re-engineering” courses specially designed to help our Vision Partners harness and tap into the innate power of their minds towards achieving greatness

Real Estate

At Lifestyle Hub Group, our primary interest is real estate development with a touch of Luxury. Real Estate is the bedrock for wealth creation and our most important and strategic Wealth Pillar at The Hub Academy. At our exclusive eLearning Site, our Vision Partners get to discover the complexity of the real estate industry and how to simplify the process for the primary purpose of gaining value. We have courses on the different segments of the global real estate sector. After going through our robust learning content, our Vision Partners are able to create a nitch for themselves and know exactly what part of the real estate industry they can specialize in.

Networking / Relationship

The ability to network, build and maintain great relationships is the bedrock for wealth creation. We have a series of courses on our exclusive eLearning Website that teach our Vision Partners strategies for effective networking and how to ATTRACT and KEEP quality relationships.


At The Hub Academy, we believe if technology cannot support your business, you are sure not in business. We have full courses that cover Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Social Media, Cyber Security, Website Design and Management, and so much more.

Strategic Planning and Execution

Most businesses and individuals fail because of a lack of planning and strategic execution. At The Hub Academy eLearning site, you will discover courses that teach you what to look out for when planning for the Day, Week, Month, Quarter, and Year, especially how it relates to your "Geo-Political and Socio-Economic space".

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Our Management

Our management team comprises of dedicated and experienced professionals who are passionate about empowering individuals and families across Africa.

Oke Abioye


Chidi Flourish


Philip Atah

Director Admin and Finance

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